WSMO Implementations

This page lists all known WSMO Implementations ordered by the last release date.


  • WSML2Reasoner Framework
  • WSML2Reasoner Framework is a highly modular architecture which combines various validation, normalization, and transformation functionalities essential to the translation of ontology descriptions in WSML to the appropriate syntax of several underlying reasoning engines.

  • WSMO Studio (2005-06-23)

    WSMO Studio is a Semantic Web Service editor compliant with WSMO. WSMO Studio is available as a set of Eclipse plug-ins that can be further extended by third parties.

  • WSML Rule Reasoner (2005-11-02)

    A reasoner implementation for WSML.
    There is also an online Demonstration available.

  • WSML DL Reasoner

    A reasoner implementation for WSML. There is an online Demonstration available.

  • WSML Validator (2005-11-02)

    A WSML variant validation is implemented as part of wsmo4j. An online
    validation service
    is available.

  • WSMO4J (2005-06-21)

    WSMO4J is an API and a reference implementation for building Semantic Web Services applications compliant with the Web Service Modeling Ontology. WSMO4J is compliant with the WSMO v1.2 and WSML 0.2 specifications.

  • Web Service Modeling Toolkit (WSMT) (2005-10-29)
  • The Web Services Modeling Toolkit (WSMT) is a framework for the rapid deployment of graphical administrative tools, which can be used with WSMO, WSML and WSMX. It can be donwloaded from: sourceforge

  • Web Services Execution Environment (WSMX) (2005-01-31)

    The Web Services Execution Environment (WSMX) is an execution environment for dynamic matchmaking, selection, mediation and invocation of semantic web services based on WSMO.,

  • OMWG Tools

    A set of tools for manipulating WSMO-based ontologies.

  • Internet Reasoning Service (IRS III)

    The Internet Reasoning Service - IRS - is KMi's Semantic Web Services framework, which allows applications to semantically describe and execute Web services. The IRS supports the provision of semantic reasoning services within the context of the Semantic Web. The most recent implementation IRS-III is WSMO complient.

  • OWL Lite- Reasoner (2004-12-05)
  • The rules available here in combination with the TRIPLE RDF query, inference, and transformation system allow for reasoning with OWL Lite- ontologies (Note: The system uses not directly WSML syntax, but does together with the before mentioned rules reasoning equivalent to the expressivity of WSML Core").

  • SWWS Studio (2004-08-28)

    SWWS Studio is a WSMO compliant Semantic Web Services editor. The current version (0.45) supports: (a) export of WSMO definitions in WSML format (WSMO D16.1 - state:2004-04-18), WSML F-Logic format (WSMO D16.4 - state:2004-03-22) and OWL-DL; (b) export of service orchestrations as an OWL-S Process Model.
    Note: This editor is outdated and no longer supported (superseded by WSMO Studio).

  • WSMO Editor v0.1 (2004-04-19)

    This is an early prototype intended to enable interested parties to experiment with the formal description provided by WSMO. It is bundled with the flora-2 reasoner and implements the WSMO specification as of 9th of March 2004. It provides a logical expression editor for frame logic and exporters goals and Web Service descriptions to frame logic syntax.
    (Note: This editor is outdated and no longer supported)

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