WSLA Language Specification *
Adina and Ioan 18-01-2006
SPARQL - Query Language for RDF
Cristina 15-06-2005
Variance in e-Business Service Discovery *
source Uwe 13-10-2004
OWL-E: Extending OWL DL with Datatype Expressions
Jeff Pan
Ontology Mapping with Cyc
source Doug 12-07-2004
Uniform Resource Identifiers (URIs) source Jacek 17-06-2004
How to decide Query Containment under Constraints using a Description Logic
source Axel 17-06-2004
The F-Logic Approach for Description Languages source Uwe 17-06-2004
AL-log: Integrating Datalog and Description Logics
source Jos 17-06-2004
RDF: Concepts and Abstract Syntax source Michael 14-06-2004
Reasoning with Infinite stable models source Axel 08-06-2004
Reasoning about Anonymous Resources and Meta Statements on the Semantic Web source Holger 08-06-2004
Decidable Containment of Recursive Queries source Axel 25-05-2004
A formal Approach to Component Adaption source Uwe 19-05-2004
Query Answering for OWL-DL with Rules source Boris 18-05-2004
SHOP2: An HTN Planning System source Titi 18-05-2004
Formalizing Web Service Choreographies source Axel 20-04-2004
Representing Disjunction and Quantifiers in RDF source Eyal 23-05-2004
SWRL0.6 source Axel 14-05-2004
Software Framework for Matchmaking based on Semantic Web Technology source Eyal 14-05-2004
Description Logic Programs source Jos 14-05-2004
Instance Store source Titi 14-05-2004
source Jos 05-05-2004

* to be presented