WSML minutes, 14-April-04

“Meeting Protocol”




Dieter Fensel, Jos de Bruijn, Rubén Lara, Holger Lausen, Eyal Oren, Axel Polleres, Dumitru Roman, Michael Stollberg, Francisco, Livia, Ioan


Organizational issues:



Activity sheet:



WSMO Deliverables:


o        It will be discussed next week


o        It will be discussed next week


o        It will be discussed next week

o        The broken link to the PDF version has to be fixed


o        Eyal and Titi will provide a corrected version of v0.1 and v0.2


o        Reference style should be made consistent with the usual style. Eyal will do it

o        Make it final and open v0.2 without deadline


o        Eyal will include a comment about the identifiers issue

o        Explanations about what else is introduced have to be added. They will be put in D16.0 v0.2

o        Deadline is April 28 and then v0.1 is final and v0.2 open


o        In conclusis say that is a metamodel, not really an API

o        Make clear that it is not yet an API but the API will be delivered during the DIP and SEKT projects

o        footnote [1] location will be changed, it is misleading

o        "Ontology" has to be written in lower case

o        Jos will write down his explanations in D18 and he will become the editor of the deliverable

o        New version: in 10 days