Meeting Notes for WSML Meeting on

Wednesday, March 31 2004





Jos de Bruijn, Dieter Fensel, Uwe Keller, Axel Polleres, Dimitriu Roman


Next meeting

·         Phone conference on Wednesday, April 14th 2004-04-01,  3pm – 5pm Innsbruck time, 2pm – 4pm Galway time

·         The same access information as for WSMO apply for WSML

·         The access information will be explicitly stated in the agenda for the next meeting




  • SEKT Meeting in Crete on “Language API”,  May 9th 2004-03-31
    • Some people of the WSML group should be there
      • Jos (if possible), Uwe, Titi, Axel
    • Jos will send around a meeting announcement
  • White paper on language neutral API
    • Set up as a new deliverable in WSML: D18 (Jos will add this to the activity sheet)
    • Editor: Dieter
    • Coauthors: Uwe, Titi, Dieter, Naso
    • Dieter will set up initial ideas and send them around.
    • The others will set up an initial version of the deliverable
    • Titi will invite Naso to join
  • Website
    • Is already there
    • the font size on all pages should be the same as on the WSMO website
    • The page which shows the current versions of all deliverables will contain all the WSML deliverables to, but graphically distinguished from the WSMO deliverables (Titi)
    • Ensure cross-references between WSMO site and WSML site
  • Mailing list
    • We’ll have a separate mailing list for WSML (“deri-wsml”)
    • Axel already asked Petra to set up the mailing list
    • There will be no separate mailing lists for discussions
    • Discussion about WSML
      • Should be done either on the SWS mailing list hosted by W3C or on the RDF mailing list
  • Mission statement
    • Has spelling errors
    • Spellchecking will be done by Titi
    • Include to mission statement a reference and link to the WSMO site and two sentences about WSMO (and vise versa)
  • Deliverable format
    • Same conventions as for WSMO
    • Normative-format will be defined separately for the deliverables and has not necessarily to be the same for all deliverables (see WSMO meeting notes of March 31st, 2004)
  • How should we run WSML
    • For the moment as in WSMO weekly phone conferences
    • Default time: 3pm – 5pm  Fensel-time ( roughly: Innsbruck time, except when Dieter is in Galway or some other place. Then that local time will be the reference time :- ) ! )
    • The agenda will be collected before the meeting by Uwe




·         Website

o        Replace deliverable D6 on the overview page of the deliverable version by D6.1 and D6.2

·         D5

o        D5.1:

§         delayed, will be provided on Monday, April 5th 2004

§         Ruben provided some new input that has to be integrated yet

o        D5.2: delayed, will be provided on Monday, April 5th 2004

o        Otherwise: The holiday of Uwe will be cancelled :- )

·         Mission Statement

o        Is done and should be marked with a “X”

·         D7

o        Rename D7 to D7.1

o        Introduce new deliverable D7.2 (deadline: next Monday, April 5th)  Mission statement WSML”



·         Jos made some days ago a very interesting proposal: To take OWL-Lite reduce it by all strange constructs that causes problems and extend it by rules.

o        Jos will set up a paper on this issue.

o        The paper will currently be no official deliverable in WSML




·         There are a couple of papers that will be presented in the next meeting (April 14th)

o        F-Logic Approach for Description Logics (Uwe)

o        SWRL (Axel)

o        Instance Store (Titi)

o        Doctoral Dissertation of Raphael Voelz “Web Ontology Reasoning with Logic Databases”, Chapter 4 and 5 (Jos)

o        Paper by Ian on a software framework for matchmaking  (Eyal)