Meeting Notes for WSML Meeting on

Wednesday, May 19 2004




  • Next meeting:
    • Wednesday, 26th May 2004, 3pm – 6pm Galway time, 4pm – 7 pm Innsbruck time

  • Pending presentations:
    • An F-Logic approach for Description Logics (Uwe)
    • Reasoning over anonymous resources (Holger)
    • One presentation of Holger has been skipped (will not be given at all)
    • AL-Logic and one papers on decidability issues and reasoning with infinite models (Axel)
    • Resource Description Framework (RDF): Concepts and Abstract Syntax
  • New presentation assignments:
    • Paper by Nardi, Schaerf on Integration issues in Description Logics




o        D8

o        Currently in  a bad state, no substantial extensions since last version

o        New deadline: June 22nd 2004

o        D16.X

o        Marin provided a first version of the OWL Syntax

o        Different kinds of syntaxes (OWL, XML, .. ) are postponed until a stable version of D3.2

o        D16.0 : no new deadline until D3.2 is fixed

o        D18

o        Should be a refinement of D3.2

o        Provide a basic core language that is common to DL and F-Logics

o        Pending until D3.2 is fixed



o        D3.2

o        Additional editors: Axel, Holger, Ruben

o        Section 1.1: Sentence about ebXML should be deleted

o        Sec. 2.2:

§         Status of B2B Use Case: Holger and Ruben take initiative to investigate some of the use cases of the SWWS project and try to use them here.

§         In the long run this use case should be done by Galway

§         Section will be rewritten

o        Listings

§         Everything should have a URI in WSMO/WSML (WSMO namespace)

§         For readability we skip it in the main part of document D3.2, but in the appendix  namespaces will be used

§         In the main part of D3.2 a paragraph will be added which describes the use of namespaces in WSMO and mentiones that this is not used in D3.2 ‘s main part for the sake of readability. The paragraph shows how the use of namespaces in WSMO/WSML specification looks like

§         In the listings in the main part we use human readable syntax (keywords)  like and / or / not instead of logical symbols, whereas in the appendix logical symbols are used

§         Concept definitions (as well as other parts like axioms) should be grouped in the listings in the main part (this is not enforced for the language itself). Use an appropriate for the groups (like concept definitions)

§         Each definition (e.g. for concepts) will be started by a keyword (like “concept”)

§         Instead of invalid(..) predicate use a rule without a head for integrity constraints


§         Listing 2

·         Change keyword “Concepts and Integrity Constraints”

·         Change keywords, for instance “ofvalue” to “hasvalue” (Eyal will make a proposal)

·         There is a query replace error: in predicate like contains(X,Y) the comma has been replaced by an “and”. This has to be fixed

§         All listings will be fixed until Monday

§         Keyword proposal by Eyal

§         Discussion of the listings next Wednesday (this time more on the content of the new material)






o        Boris talk on query answering and rule extension for some description logics

o        Presentation of Uwe postponed until next week