joint WSMO/WSML phone conference: 11 aug 2004

people: david, jos, enrica, michael felderer, sinuhe, armin, edward, ruben, matt, eyal, axel, livia, michael stollberg,
titi, ioan, laurentiu, michal, michael kifer, andreas

notes by: eyal

changes have to be made. jos forwarded them to andreas.
date for next version is unclear.
status to pending.

confusion fixed between function symbols and built-in functions
changes in section 2.4: explanation of ofTypeSet

delete listing 12, change listing 11 relatedInstances ofTypeSet value
changes in listings 15

titi makes proposal for including mediator webservice (which service to use for mediation)

axel, doug, livia, ruben, michael kifer, make discussion document, taking what is useful from D5.1

DIP email:
ruben will send an email stating we're working on this.

presentation by Armin