Meeting Notes for WSML Meeting on

Wednesday, July 28 2004




  • Next meeting:
  • Participants:
    • Michael Kifer, Jos, Ruben, Francisco, Ioan, Livia, Uwe, Doug, Titi


  • Notes were taken by: Uwe
  • Next week we will discuss Ö
    • The discovery paper by Michael, Ruben, Axel et. al.
    • D5.1 and itís alignment with the discovery approach described in the Discovery paper by Michael Kifer, Ruben Lara and Axel Polleres et. al.
  • The week after,D3.2 can be discussed



o        D16.0

o        Discussion about why suddenly WSML-FOL has been removed in the picture

o        New agreement: Keep WSML-FOL as a full First-order extension of WSML-DL, add a new dashed box surrouding everything which represent WSML-Full which semantically integrated all the previous WSML languages. This language could be a final research goal, but is not considered to be investigatedin the near future.

o        The new version of the picture will be added and two more paragraph will be included briefly explaining WSML-FOL and WSML-Full.

o        Mike stressed the possibility of having another picture showing the relationship between the WSML languages and the Owl family of languages.

o        New deadline: August 9th 2004



o        On Friday, August 30th there will be an additional phone conference on aligning D5.1 with the results in the discovery paper. Perhaps the procedure for D3.2 will as well be discussed there.

o        Titi will give a presentation on Abstract State Machines next week.



o        Presentation by Axel on decidability of query containment for the Description Logic DLR.