Notes on 21/7/04 WSML phone meeting.

Jos, Dieter, doug, Axel, Eyal, Uwe
Not here:
David, Ruben, Holgar, Francisco, Aina (delete),
Titi, Livia, Ioan, Michael K.,

Activity sheet 5.1 delayed new date: 2/8/2004

Numbering change proposal accepted
Michael K to comment on Union/Intersection/HL/DL
Next monday updated version

Deliverable 16.7
"WSML-DL" will be named "WSML Core"
[The term "WSML-Intersection" was rejected.]
Ian will be a reviewer.  Dieter will be last author

Make chapters out of appendix.

"target-namespace" -- why is this mentioned here?
D2.1 should specify syntax (ref. Jos); Uwe will incorporate.

2.3 Non-functional-properties -- to be updated ref: D3.2

Imports statement to be explained -- by Jos.

Table 1.  "D1 ... D1" => "D1 ... Dn" (typo correction)
Mention that Transitive, Symmetric, InverseOf extends OWL-Lite

Do we need "instance" keyword in the language?  -- Michael
Instance definition discussion

Change relation syntax: "(?x, ?y) member-of R" => "R(?x, ?y)"

Question of syntax for "Transitive", "Symmetric", "Reflexive"
Should relations be "member-of transitiveRelation",  "member-of symmetricRelation" ?

Use "hasValues" instead of "hasValue"

Add conclusion.
August 2 -- next version due

D 16.0
discussion of negation as failure vs. classical negation.
Should we have WSML-Rule  above WSML-HL?

"ID-Logic" intgrating 1st order logic & rules.  This to be
discussed later

  Delete WSML-Union from graph.

  Replace WSML-HL w/ WSML-Rule

6 syntaxes
  new: WSML-Flight (w/ OWL-Flight)
  WSML-DL & WSML-FirstOrder later

New version: next monday


OWL-Flight  D21.0 to be renamed D20.1
Document to be split into OWL-Lite- & OWL-Flight?  Accepted !

subset of OWL which can be expressed in Datalog

extensions of OWL-Lite- (including forms outside OWL-Full).
Adds meta-classes, constraints, & datatypes.
A subset of WSMO

create OWL-Full- as intersection of OWL-Flight & OWL-Full

New: OWL-DL-   -- only difference from OWL-DL is missing "has-value"

Later mention these in D16.1

Describe RDF-S as subset of OWL-Full-

Michael to become consultant (& in acknowlegements)
new deadline: August 9
D20.3 deadline August 9

    Eyal & Axel  (neither have them ready)

Next WSMO meeting Thurs. 3/4 p.m. GAL/INS
Next WSML meeting Wed. 3/4 p.m.

The WSML member list should be pruned