WSML teleconf – 2004-07-14


Participants: Dieter Fensel, Jos de Bruijn, Douglas Foxvog, Uwe Keller, Holger Lausen, Eyal Oren, Livia Predoiu, Dumitru Roman, Ioan Toma

Titi, Ioan and Dieter leave early for their meeting with Eva Kühn


General issues:


-         Deadline for D5.1 – 2004-07-19
    - new name: WSMO Discovery

-         DIP Deliverable D2.7:
Dieter want to deliver at M12 instead of M18. Uwe says this might be difficult
This to be included in DIP D2.7:
    - context
    - versioning
    - ORDI

          - rules
Ontology mapping is included in DIP D1.5 (also to be delivered M12)
D2.7 will reuse WSML deliverables d16.7, d18 and d20.1

Uwe and Jos will discuss this deliverable off-line


No deliverables to discuss today. 



Next meeting: 2004-07-21




            Jeff Pan: “OWL-E: Extending OWL DL with Datatype Expressions”

            Presentation Jos: "AL-log: Integrating Datalog and Description Logics" is skipped and assumed as given
            Doug: "Ontology Mapping with Cyc"