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Agents Communication Languages (ACL) source Titi 17-06-2004
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The potential of WSMO for DIP source Chris 14-06-2004
The potential of WSMO for SEKT source Jos 14-06-2004
Language pane source Dieter 14-06-2004
Service Discovery Using Transaction Logic Reasoning source Michael K. 14-06-2004
Use case source Holger 14-06-2004
Use case source Michael 14-06-2004
Major recent achievements (main intermediate deliverables, new structure) source Titi 14-06-2004
Web Service Composition workflow patterns in BPEL4WS source Eyal 02-06-2004
FIPA Abstract Architecture Specification source Michal 01-06-2004
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Web Services Composite Application Framework (WS-CAF) source Livia 19-05-2004
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Conversation Support for Web Services source Cliodhna 21-04-2004
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WS Orchestration source Eyal 07-04-2004
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WSMO Lite source Christoph 15-03-2004
WSMO Full source Chris Priest 15-03-2004
Primer source Sinuhe 15-03-2004
Relationship with OWL-S source Ruben 15-03-2004
WSMO reasoners source Uwe 15-03-2004
Language Evaluation and Comparison source Jos 15-03-2004
WSMO editors source Holger 15-03-2004
Reference Implementation source Matthew 15-03-2004
source Ruben 10-03-2004
Web Service Resource Framework source Jos 10-03-2004
OntoMerge source Laurentiu 10-03-2004
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UDDI Semantics Review source Matthew 26-02-2004
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The dual role of Choreography and Orchestration as the gist of the matter in
understanding web services
source Dieter 19-02-2004
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Automating DAML-S Web Services Composition Using SHOP2 source Titi 13-02-2004

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