WSMO-Lite Ontology

WSMO-Lite is a lightweight approach to the semantic annotation of Web service descriptions, defined by the STI2 working group Conceptual Models for Services (CMS WG, defunct as of 2013) in Deliverable 11: WSMO-Lite, and by the research project SOA4All.

WSMO-Lite was defined in several conference articles, mainly this one:
Tomas Vitvar, Jacek Kopeck√Ĺ, Jana Viskova, Dieter Fensel: WSMO-Lite Annotations for Web Services. In The Semantic Web: Research and Applications, 5th European Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2008), pp. 674–689, Springer LNCS 5021, June 2008, Tenerife, Spain

The source of the WSMO-Lite ontology is available here in two formats:

Contact Jacek Kopecky with any questions and comments on this ontology.