Report on the First WSMO SDK meeting, Wiesbaden, Germany, March 15th 2004

by Christoph Bussler

The first WSMO ( SDK ( meeting chaired by Chris Bussler and Dieter Fensel took place in Wiesbaden on March 15th, 2004 ( About 50 members of DIP, Sekt, KnowledgeWeb, SWWS and DERI were present at this very successful meeting. After an introduction a series of presentations were given that introduced the audience to various deliverables of WSMO and WSMX, including the modeling ontology, languages, editors, reasoners and implementation. During and after presentations many discussions took place that discussed the deliverables in more detail clearly demonstrating the interest and uptake of the audience. Besides WSMX, Net Dynamics (Fred platform) as well as the Open University (IRS-II prototype) announced that they will provide first implementations of WSMO in the near future.

On the next day a major DIP meeting commenced. DIP decided to uptake WSMO as the modeling ontology and to use WSMX for first use case implementations and validations. The various use case discussions throughout the day and the architecture discussion at the end of the day related their requirements to WSMO concepts.