WSMO Notes – 23th June 2004

Dieter Fensel, Sinuhe Arroyo, Emilia Cimpian, Enrica Dente, Armin Haller, Uwe Keller, Rubén Lara (DERI Innsbruck), Adrian Mocan (DERI Galway), Francisco Jose Martin-Recuerda Moyano, Matthew Moran, Eyal Oren, Axel Polleres, Livia Predoiu, Dumitru Roman, Michael Stollberg, Ioan Toma, Laurentiu Vasiliu, Michal Zaremba

General stuff:
"Abstract State Machines: High Level System Design and Analysis" presentation will be done by Titi
"The State of Change" presentation will be done by Eyal

Some remarks on d3.2:
Michael proposed that train connection should be part of eTourism working group
Purchase ontology as well as train connection is not generic, not able to provide a generic ontology because of limited knowledge in domain
Ruben should look into solutions how to provide generic ontologies
Maybe Cooperation with Doug, he is doing EDIFACT ontologizing
Ruben send note to eCommerce group

Discussion on email from Michael on mediation will be done in next phone conf
Delete pargraph "However ..."
Describe first interface choreography and then overall choreography of several web services
Not again a differentation between Orchestration and Choreography
Insert section, which terminology is used by others for orchestration and choreography
Include definition of:

  • choreography interface
  • speech acts
  • communicative acts

Include notion of:

  • state
  • notion of state transition

Explain why ASM are used in the paper
Open a meeting for choreogrphy
Ddieter will meet with Titi next week

Web Services Policy Framework (WS-Policy) - Ruben
Agents Communication Languages (ACL) - Titi