WSMO Notes – 14th July 2004

Dieter Fensel, David Aiken (DERI Galway), Emilia Cimpian (DERI Galway), Michael Felderer (DERI Innsbruck), Douglas Foxvog (DERI Galway), Armin Haller (DERI Galway), Uwe Keller (DERI Innsbruck) , Edward Kilgarriff (DERI Galway), Rubén Lara (DERI Innsbruck), Holger Lausen (DERI Innsbruck), Adrian Mocan (DERI Galway), Matthew Moran (DERI Galway), Eyal Oren (DERI Galway), Livia Predoiu (DERI Innsbruck), Dumitru Roman (DERI Innsbruck), Laurentiu Vasiliu (DERI Galway)


D14 Choreography - delayed

D2 WSMO Standard

  • Name space issue: The keywords are part of the language, so they should not have a namespace; everything that doesn't have a name space prefix is part of the WSMO namespace. Skip this for the moment.
  • Discussion if the Hayes is a proper reference for the literals or not.
  • Another non-functional properties should be added: Availability which should be expressed in terms of spatial and temporal availability; Channels which specifies the way to access a service (but leave this one out for the moment)
  • A different identifier has to be used for the non-functional properties in Listing 2 for differentiating them from the core non-functional properties. Also, Titi suggested to define some restrictions for some of the on-functional properties. For example: What means performance for a Goal?
  • Define the Web Service nonfunctional properties as a subclass of the nonfunctional properties.
  • For the axioms we should have first order logic.
  • In Listing 11 the name space is missing and the axioms should be not goalaxiomdefinition but just axiomdefinition
  • In Listings 12,13,14 the name space is missing.
  • Eyal: The concept of Web Service don't have a name space definition, it has an URI. Dieter: It should have because is part of the WSMO specifications
  • For capability preconditions, postconditions and effect we should have axiomsdefinition and not capabilityaxiomdefinition
  • APENDIX B: Concept is not a subclass of axiomdefinition and method definition has to be removed.
  • Next deadline: 21.07.2004