WSMO Notes – 9th June 2004




Laurentiu will be responsible for co-oordinating access related issues which have caused delays to the publication of deliverables on the WSMO website.



Section 3 - Difference between task and capability in choreography and in orchestration to be made clearer. Abstract Service Description bullet points to be reviewed. Add concept of resource as footnote

Section 3.1 - Meaning of boxes in figure 1 to be made clearer.

Section 3.2 - Review first bullet. Glossary required. Figure 3. Overlap with WSMX. Meeting with Chris Priest to discuss relationship between WSMO-full and

WSMX on 28th June



Figures quality to be improved by using different image editing tool.

Section 2.1 – SWSI mention too prominent. Standardization will also be submitted to W3C.

Section 2.2 – Improve sentence “In the figure 1 and figure 2 below is presented”. Section structure to be made clearer. (e,g use sub-headings). Language neutral API misspelling. Workpackage 4 - WSMO-L not to be used?

Next deliverable deadline: 14th June. Copies to be made available for distribution in Lausanne.






Listing 1 – review inferencing of distance. Check axiom equalityDistance with MK. Decision to put comments in listings
Listing 5 -
OO-mediator that imports the terminology required for the goal and takes care of the operation to be included in next version.

Listing 6 - assumption to be clarified. WSML file for Interface to be added in next version? Mediators - OO-Mediators. Add names in list.

Review GG-Mediators section.

Section 3.1.3 - Change wording of over-specified capabilities. Ontology 4 missing from Appendix. Goal capability matching in Flora documentation to be explained by MK in Lausanne.

Next deliverable deadline: 28th June



Using Dynamic Mediation to Integrate COTS Entities in a Ubiquitous Computing Environment (Adrian)