Meeting Notes for WSMO Meeting on

Wednesday, June 30 2004



Dieter, Emilia, Enrica, Ruben, Holger, Armin, Uwe Francisco, Michal, Michael, Matt, Axel, Livia, Tit,  Ioan, Laurentiu, Sheila McIlraith, Michael Gruninger, Daniela Bernardi, Rick Hull



  • Next meeting:
    • Thursday, 8th July 2004, 12am – 3pm Galway time, 1pm – 4 pm Innsbruck time



o        D3.2

o        Implementation of the web service: Holger did it with some remarks of Katherina & Kathrin. Is roughly what is presented in D3.2

o        WS-Specs are not in the WSMO Repository at present. Will be put there

o        Mediators: Listing 7,8,9,10 are not implemented so far

o        Michael has here some interested students who might implement this stuff

o        Francisco was determined by Dieter to supervise one of the students if the student is interested

o        No rationale is given for the ontology in Listing 1. Fix this

o        Listing 5: Is not a goal but a goal instance. List. 5 should show the goal template whereas List. 6 should show the goal in the next version

o        List. 6: This seems to be not nice modelling: Use predicates and assumptions here (valid creditcard) and define valid predicate in an ontology

o        Page 40: GG Mediator is missing. We will have it in the next version

o        Page 43: Reference to F-Logic: Mention the mailing list

o        Sec. 3.1.3. last paragraph: Downsize and rewrite!

o        Still: Real ontologies are required for this deliverable as Dieter mentions

o        Next step: Purchase Order Ontology needs to be redefined, the location ontology will be detailed (Armin Haller will take care of the former!)

o        Next version: July 19th

o        Strategy with the 2nd Use case: Start working on it at the end of July

o        D12

o        Basic message: Ontologize the content of the deliverable

o        New section 4.1 will be included which contains and clarifies some stuff from section 3.1ff

o        Sec. 3.1 is not an ontology here: Write concepts as extensions of WSMO standard elements

o        Put everything in the WSMO style

o        Clarify Figure 1,2,3 in a general way

o        Figures should always have a legend and be self-contained and understandable

o        Next version in 3 weeks (19th July)




o        Discussion document “On Mediators”

o        Introduction: “None of the authors” should be used instead of “nobody in WSMO”

o        Dieter disagrees in many aspects

o        Including the mappings in the mediators is precisely the goal in WSMO; but in the capability description of the mediator service

o        Namespaces are in Dieter’s opinion very relevant (disagreement on having only one single ontology mediatior)

o        Everybody is invited to put some efforts in providing a concrete proposal (far beyond this document) for single types of mediators

o        Francisco would be basically interested to contribute, Michael and Uwe are at present not able to take an initiative here, since they have a lot of other things to care about.

o        Dieter thanks the authors for the discussion document, but disagrees in most points

o        GG mediator has a reduction, Dieter thinks that this might be questionable in the future.

o        Discussion of WW-Mediators is far much ahead at present. We open the discussion here again after the use case D3.2 has been finished.






o        Sheila McIlraith, Rick Hull, Daniela Bernardi and Michael Gruninger gave a presentation on their “FLOWS” proposal in the SWSI initiative.