WSMO minutes, 31-March-04

“Meeting Protocol”




Dieter Fensel, David Aiken, Gerard Bleeker, Jos de Bruijn, Emilia Cimpian, Pat Croke, Ying Ding, Michael Felderer, Fionnuala Foy, Kieran Hannon, Cliodhna Hurst, Ann Johnston, Uwe Keller, Michael Kifer, Edward Kilgarriff, Holger Lausen, Aine Leddy, Adrian Mocan, Matthew Moran,, Eyal Oren, Axel Polleres, Chris Priest, Dumitru Roman, Laurentiu Vasiliu, Michal Zaremba, Peter Zugmann



Organizational Issues:

-          Website:

o        Delete Prof. Sung-Kook Han from participant list since he is back to his country

o        Math & Internet Explorer: proposal by Eyal, Jos and Uwe has been approved


-          Next meetings:

o        April 7 WSMO (14:00 Innsbruck time, 13:00 Galway time)

o        April 14 WSMO (11:00 Innsbruck time, 10:00 Galway time)

o        April 14 WSML (15:00 Innsbruck time, 14 Galway time)

o        Fixed time will be further announced by Dieter via email



WSMO Deliverables:



o        Add reference of UDDI v3 and v2

o        Heading of the figures should go below the figures

o        Should follow the deliverable template

o        Section 3: difference mediator and mediator services

o        The reason for not using UDDI v3 is lack of implementation support currently

o        Section 4: reusable goals should be part of UDDI repository, which can help users to form the new goals, improve the discovery.

o        Should add reusable goals and goal template which can be published in repository

o        Section4.3.3: distinguish semi automatic mediation

o        Section 4.3: Jos will help update the wrong copy-paste

o        Section 6.3.1 is not existing in document, the reference is wrong, please correct

o        Please rephrase this section not to make misleading (especially category schema)

o        Conclusion should be added here

o        UDDI for WSMO: we could implement UDDI registrators (such as universal business registrator by Microsoft or IBM) locally for testing

o        UDDI test server will be set up by Holger and Titi (they should be the editors of this deliverable) and running systems in 3-weeks (which should also be included in the next version of the deliverable in 3-weeks)

o        Not valid xhtml, please correct


o        ER model of WSMO should be included here.

o        Titi will take care: put it as appendix and add acknowledgement to the contributor


o        WSMX conceptual model vs. WSMO lite

o        Propone to discuss it next week







Talks, Deliverables & Deadlines:



Responsible Persons


UDDI test server

Holger Lausen

Dumitru Roman

April 19, 2004

D10 next version

Peter Zugman

April 19, 2004

D13.0: Overview of WSMX (requirement, purpose and functionalities of WSMX)

Editors: Eyal Oren, Matthew Moran, Michal Zaremba

April 12, 2004

D13.2 next version

Eyal Oren

April 26, 2004

D13.3 next version

Adrian Mocan

April 26, 2004

D13.4 next version

Michal Zaremba

April 5, 2004

Discussion of PhD thesis of Raphael Volz

Eyal Oren

April 12, 2004



Papers presentation:







WSML issues:





Other issues