Minutes of WSMO meeting 22nd of April 04



Dieter Fensel (Deri International), Sinuhé Arroyo (Deri Innsbruck), Emilia Cimpian (Deri Galway), Michael Felderer (Deri Innsbruck), Fionnuala Foy (HP Galway), Kieran Hannon (HP Galway), Reinhold Herzog (Net Dynamics), Cliodhna Hurst (HP Galway) Ann Johnston (HP Galway), Edward Kilgarriff (Deri Galway), Holger Lausen (DERI Innsbruck), Aine Leddy (HP Galway), Adrian Mocan, (Deri Galway),

Axel Polleres (Deri Innsbruck), Michael Stollberg (Deri Innsbruck), Ioan Toma (Deri Innsbruck), Mathew Moran (Deri Galway), Peter Zugmann (Net Dynamics).


Organizational issues:



WSMO Deliverables:

WSMX discussion:

·The website is now fully operational.




·          On hold until a new API is developed.

·          It was stated that it is currently usable with the old API

·          Next version: Two weeks after new API is developed. ~17th of May



·          Requires the development of an API

·          Discussion took place on non Functional properties

·          Suggested that WSMO specification should be updated in accordance with use case.

·          Ontology for non functional properties suggested by Dieter Fensel.

·          Updated specification in terms of subject suggested. To be carried out by Titi and Uwe.

o        Next version: Monday April 26


Note: Update dates are inconsistent for deliverables is causing confusion. Extra care necessary to remedy this problem.


·           Next version: April 26



Eyal Oren Cancelled his presentation on Orchestration.

Cliodhna Hurst gave a presentation on “Conversation Support for Web Services”


Proposed Presentations:

Web Service Choreography Framework


Web Service Composite Application Framework  (Ioan Toma and *Francisco Jose Martin-Recuerda Moyano*)



WSCTX  (Ioan Toma and *Francisco Jose Martin-Recuerda Moyano*)




Action Items

Michael Stollberg and two members yet to be decided are to prepare a tutorial on a use case, which can be used as a WSMX tutorial.


The WSMO specification is to be updated w.r.t. subject. This is the responsibility of Dimitru Roman and Uwe Keller.


The updating of the activity sheet is now the responsibility of Dimitru Roman?


D10 is to be updated including the new API by Monday the 26th April.


D9 is to be delivered two week after this i.e. 16th June.


David Aiken is requested to send a mail re. his presentation on “Web Service Metadata Exchange”.