Second Face to Face SDK Cluster and Semantic Web Services Meeting

June 14, 2004 Lausanne, Switzerland


The second Face to Face SDK Cluster ( and Semantic Web Services ( full day meeting chaired by Dieter Fensel ( and Christoph Bussler ( took place in Lausanne, Switzerland on June 14th, 2004 ( Over 70 international members coming from DIP, Knowledge Web, SEKT and SWWS were in attendance. This follows the first Face to Face meeting on March 15, 2004, Wiesbaden Germany. The meeting began with an overview of the achievements of WSMO, WSML, and WSMX since the initial meeting. Individual researches then provided insights into recent projects such as an intriguing Business to Consumer WSMO use case model involving a Virtual Travel Agency. The modeling involved WSML, ontology development, mediators, goals and web service capability modeling, and goal capability matching. A panel chaired by Dieter Fensel consisting of three recognized leading world experts including Ian Horrocks (, Guus Schreiber (,  and Michael Kifer ( provided their professional opinions on the future development of OWL; thus opening the floor to continuous debate. Following the expert panel opinion, the meeting ended with researchers presenting the future potential of WSMO in SEKT, DIP and Knowledge Web.