Logfile of WMSO chat during WSMO meeting on 2004-02-26

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<Jos> you should all join #wsmo-protocol, where Uwe and Eyal will write the protocol
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<Dieter> test
<Jos> The purpose of the protocol channel is that the protocol is being written on-line, so that people can comment on them
<Jos> And the protocol channel is only to be used for the protocol itself and not for discussions about it
<Juan> Is it not nonsense to have a channel for discussion of protocol for two people? vis a vis communication works better
<Jos> it is *not* discussion of the protocol, but *writing* of the protocol
<Eyal> protocol means meeting minutes?
<Jos> yes
<Eyal> because it's far easier to write them directly in _whatever_ program (i'm writing them in openoffice directly now), that saves a lot of work afterwards
<Juan> this is my point
<Eyal> so except there's lot of discussion on the minutes (which there hasn't been until now)
<Jos> it's not my idea. Maybe we should discuss this in the meeting
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<Eyal> ok, other question, how do we log this? is this client-side or is there a server-side log?
<Jos> client-side
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<Eyal> hmm, should have done that already then :)
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<Jos> Are we going to actually use the chat in the phonecon?
<Dieter> test
<holger> we should write down agreed amendmets on deliverables (IMHO)
<Ruben> Yes, I agree with you, Holger
<Ruben> I obviously took notes about D4.1, but probably this should be done in a centralized fashion
* Jos agree too
<Jos> PS the new version of the activity sheet (including D13) is online
<Ruben> BTW, the "Deliverables" section has to be updated accordingly
<Jos> Ruben's last remark should be in the protocol, so that Titi can update accordingly
<holger> *agree you should type it in the wsmo-protocol channel??
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<Jos> Axel, this kind of thing should be done via the chat
<oxel> what kind of thing?
<Jos> this question about slides
<oxel> makes sense
<oxel> I have the feeling that these use cases always discussed upon (always travelling services) lead into a narrow view of WS, similar (not that bad, but well) to the "blocks world" in the planning context. 
<oxel> For instance we discussed something like meeting arrangements which involves probably much asynchronous communication, etc. 
<oxel> Could also be a use case, what doya think?
<oxel> just a comment. for the log
<Jos> why could there nto be a lot of asynchronous communication in travelling?
<Eyal> and also the travel use case never discusses cancelling things
<Eyal> AFAIK at least 
<Jos> we can easily put it in there
<oxel> yes, so meeting arrangement could be an interesting use case
<Jos> and it is always mentioned in the context of communication
<Eyal> jos who are you commenting to? what is always mentioned in the cntxt of comm.?
<Jos> I mean travelling
<Jos> small typo
<oxel> are the use-casers reading/commenting?
<Jos> I guess people still have to get used to using the chat
<Eyal> we can maybe just attach this whole log to the notes (censored of course, who wants to read about people and trouts :)
<oxel> this list on slide 9 is interesting
* Jos slaps Eyal around a bit with a large trout
<Jos> these look like use cases
<oxel> trouts? seems I also joined too late
<Jos> and patterns
* oxel claims for a peacful chat!
<Eyal> hmmm
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* Jos 's trout gives Eyal a kiss
* Eyal wants to stop jos kissing trouts!
<oxel> Uwe: does the log work?
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<Eyal> and let's get serious now 
<oxel> oh no, jos falls into this traditional irc habits...
<Uwe_> I will save the log afterwards 
<Jos> to note: Execution monitoring should be in WSMO full
<Eyal> it's already in the notes, you think i'm not doing anything here right?
<Jos> Who wrote this WSA requirements document?
<oxel> the original reference should always be included in the presentation title slides, as a guideline
<Jos> I propose to put documents on which the presentations are put on the web site, along with the presentations
<oxel> a link is sufficient, of course...
<Jos> clearly; as long as it can be downloaded
<oxel> in this context also the general comment: to rather send links than documents. thanks from my mailbox
<Jos> agree
<Eyal> yes yes, i'm sorry about the link, i didn't know this yet a week ago :)