Peter Zugman to take notes next meeting


D19.3-written negatively, goals section 2.1

final version - June 7,8,9

D19.2 - figures not printable. scalability and heterogenity make the point a little stronger. We define sub languages of F-logic, a refined notion. We expect fruitful co-op with knowledge web.

next monday June 6th. Dieter regular reviewer of 19.3, 19.2, 19.1.& Chris to join as a reviewer for deliverables.

D19.1 - 2.3 make a separate chapter, figures unprintable. links to conference of2005, bulgaria. PDFv not available.

typo in TOC, 2.1: closing parenthesis missing, ocupational therapist --> occupational therapist

final reviewer June 7th. Shouldnt wait for Dieter to make it final.

D15, 14 - Titi shud not try to both develop (14)Chor and (15)Orch, focus on Chor. Titi: should not use work-flow but use abstract state machines

D14 - Uwe - suggests that Abstract State machines support natural representation ie. fig 1, instead of work-flow diagrams.

Next step: Chor of one web service(basic element) then a chor desription of several web service(lacking in D14), using examples. Not happy with distinction of state/less patterns. June21th Final Version. Deadline for Orch is open.

D3.2 - listing1. dc:Coverage: more reading to do on Dublin core elements, if not needed leave it.

should include ontologies we relate to in appendix for all listings. introduce 4mediators for next version. use dc instead of comment.

Axiom equalityDistance - differeent units km&miles to be fixed.

Instance defintions-comment: use in comments before listings

|next Monday(June 7th) deadline for D3.2.

activity sheet update next monday June 7th


WS-TXM* -- Michael Felderer.

FIPA Abstract Architecture Specification -- Michal Zaremba