joint WSMO/WSML phone conference: 18 aug 2004


people: Jos de Bruijn, Michael Felderer, Douglas Foxvog, Armin Haller, Michael Kifer, Jacek Kopecky, Rubén Lara,  Axel Polleres, Michael Stollberg, Ioan Toma, Laurentiu Vasiliu.  




            - syntax issues, WG mediators reduction.

            - Michael Stollberg proposed to create a working group for mediation.



            - definition of the mediation is not clear enough (Michael Kifer).

            - D16.7 grammar is a restriction of grammar of D2 with some minor addings.

            - new deadline 13.09.2004.



            - chapter 6 will be elaborated.

            - new deadline 13.09.2004


no presentations.