WSMO minutes, 14-April-04

“Meeting Protocol”




Dieter Fensel, David Aiken, Sinuhe Arroyo, Jos de Bruijn, Emilia Cimpian, Michael Felderer, Armin Haller, Reinhold Herzog, Ann Johnston, Edward Kilgarriff, Ruben Lara, Holger Lausen,Francisco Martin-Recuerda , Aine Leddy, Adrian Mocan, Matthew Moran, Eyal Oren, Axel Polleres, Chris Priest, Dumitru Roman,Ioan Toma, Michael Stollberg, Brian Wall, Michal Zaremba, Peter Zugmann


Organizational issues:



WSMO Deliverables:


o        First new version of D3.2 and D4.2 then new version of this document

o        Next version: April 26


o        Correct and extend case studies

o        Discussed on next meeting

o        Next version: April 19


o        Next version: May 3


o        Not online but available at

o        Correct spelling mistakes in the introduction

o        Add links to the sections

o        Next version: April 26


o        Titi takes care to report new version v0.3


o       Set up working group in Galway and set up web site, email list, activity sheet and mission statement

o       Michal takes care of that

o       D13.0v0.1 should be more detailled

o       D13.0v0.1 nothing about mediation

o       D13.0v0.1 include more examples

o       D13.0v0.1 update dynamic cases

o       D13.0v0.1 extend intention of WSMX (section 3)

o       report: next meeting


o        Next version: April 19


o        Actually not visible but available at

o        Discussed on next conference

o        Comments to Sinuhe

o        Next version: April 26