WSMO minutes, 07-April-04

“Meeting Protocol”




Dieter Fensel, David Aiken, Emilia Cimpian, Michael Felderer, Armin Haller, Edward Kilgarriff, Ruben Lara, Holger Lausen,Francisco Martin-Recuerda , Aine Leddy, Adrian Mocan, Matthew Moran, Eyal Oren,Chris Priest, Dumitru Roman,Ioan Toma, Michael Stollberg, Brian Wall


Organizational issues:



WSMO Deliverables:


o        It has to refer to WSMO-Standard v0.2, not v0.3

o        Add conclusions sections: one for section 2, one for section 3, and a general conclusions section (section 4)

o        Correct spelling mistakes in the introduction

o        Add links to the sections

o        Section 1.2:Improve English writing and fix typos

o        Section 1.2: Big mistake, it says the internals of the service are described with WSMO

o        Legend of figures have to be put below the figure

o        section 2.2.1: Michal Zaremba will correct it

o        Last 3 paragraphs -> make 3 bullets

o        Make bold an italic "autonomous", "distributed" and "heterogeneous"

o        Michal will update figure 4

o        Michal will clarify the ebXML thing in the document and make the document consistent

o        References to WSMX deliverables are missing

o        Section 3.1: use standard notion for date and time, make it consistent with the Primer

o        Logical expressions: We need a detailed discussion in the next WSML phone conference

o        "self-contained, self-describing, semantically marked-up software resources that can be published, discovered, composed and executed across the Web in a task driven automatic way": add reference to the book chapter and consider to update this sentence

o        Update SOAP, WSDL and UDDI links and add references instead of direct links

o        Next version: April 26th


o        Changes made: introduction, definition of message types and actual content

o        Mediators have still to be added

o        Eyal will produce a new version 0.2 in a couple of days and open a version 0.3

o        Exclude messageType and include mediators

o        Next version: 9 April


o        13.1 will refer to the final version of WSMO-Lite 0.2

o        Introduce capability request instead of goal

o        Replace imported ontologies by ooMediators

o        In general, make WSMO-Lite and D13.1 consistent

o        Business partner would be WSMO-Full

o        Clarify (summary) of what parts of the WSMX conceptual model are from WSMO-Lite, standard or full

o        If we have WSMO-Lite, the WSMX conceptual model should only refer to WSMO-Lite, not repeat it

o        Galway will think about what to do: keep WSMO-Lite or WSMX conceptual model defines WSMO-Lite and adds concepts for WSMO-Full

o        integrationInstance is an instance of integrationType or not. If so, why is it not explictly modelled in the F-Logic definition? Formal model is wrong, it should be corrected

o        Integration type: the name is misleading. It should be changed

o        messageTypeDefinition: shouldn't it be subclass of concept with two new attributes? The name is also misleading. It has to be corrected

o        message concept is also wrong. Correct it.

o        Refer to WSMO-Lite and explain properly the new things introduced

o        Next version: in 3 weeks






Papers presentation: