ESSI WSMO working group

The ESSI WSMO working group, part of the ESSI Cluster aligns the research and development efforts in the areas of Semantic Web Services between the SEKT, DIP Knowledge Web, and ASG research projects.

Members of this working group include key participants with expertise in Semantic Web-related research areas.

It is the mission of the ESSI WSMO working group to, through alignment between key European research projects in the Semantic Web Service area, further the development of Semantic Web Services and works toward further standardization in the area of Semantic Web Service languages and to work toward a common architecture and platform for Semantic Web Services.

WSMO WG web site includes the WSML working group, which aims at developing a language called Web Service Modeling Language (WSML) that formalizes the Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO).

The efforts of the WSMO WG continue as part of the new Conceptual Models for Services Wokring Group (CMS WG). The CMS WG also maintains existing WSMO WG deliverables.