2006-03-27: Modeling, Desing, and Analysis for Service-oriented Architecture (mda4soa'06) Workshop ~ September 18, 2006, Chicago, USA

2006-02-01: Advances in Semantics for Web services 2006 (semantics4ws'06) Workshop ~ September 4, 2006, Vienna, Austria

2005-11-19: The SDK Cluster has strategically aligned with ASG (Adaptive Services Grid) resulting in the formation of the European Semantic Systems Initiative (ESSI) cluster, to which the WSMO Working Group belongs now.

2005-11-02: OASIS Semantic Execution Environment TC is formed.

2005-09-21: WSMO Choreography and Orchestration Meeting ~ September 22 - 23, 2005, Innsbruck, Austria

2005-06-27: Answer Document to the W3C Team Comments on WSMO Submission to W3C

2005-06-12: WSMO and related specifications - Acknowledged Member Submissions to W3C ~ 3 June 2005

2005-04-30: Semantic Web Services Tutorial at ESWC 2005 ~ 29 May, Heraklion, Greece

2005-04-26: WSMO Tutorial at ICAC 2005 ~ 13 June 2005, Seattle, USA

2005-04-22: Press release: RuleML and DERI Collaborate on Rules and Services Technologies Based on Their Standardization Initiatives

2005-03-02: W3C Workshop on Frameworks for Semantics in Web Services ~ June 9-10, 2005, Innsbruck, Austria

2005-02-09: 2nd WSMO Implementation Workshop (WIW) ~ 6th and 7th June 2005, Innsbruck, Austria

2004-09-07: WSMO Tutorial at NetObjectDays 2004 ~ 27 September 2004, Erfurt, Germany

2004-06-17: First WSMO Implementation Workshop ~ 29-30 September 2004, Frankfurt, Germany

2004-06-17: Report on the Second WSMO SDK meeting, Lausanne, Switzerland, June 14, 2004

2004-06-14: Second F2F Meeting of the SDK-cluster working group on Semantic Web Services

Report on the First WSMO SDK meeting, Wiesbaden, Germany, March 15th 2004

First F2F Meeting of the SDK-cluster working group on Semantic Web Services

2004-02-17: WSMO working group is open for new members. People interested in joining our initiative should provide a CV and a rational (why they want to join) to Dumitru Roman (dumitru.roman 'at'


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