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D6.3v1. WSMX Activity Sheet

WSMX Working Draft 12 October 2005

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Brahmananda Sapkota

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WSMX Activity Sheet

Nr. Name Editor Author Reviewer Deadline Version
Internal External
1.3 Website Mick, Michal

6.3 WSMX Activity Sheet Brahmananda

9.1 Web Service Modelling Toolkit (WSMT) Mick Mick, Tomas       v0.2
9.2 WSML Editor Mick Mick       v0.1
9.3 WSMX Monitor Mick Mick       v0.1
9.4 WSMX Invoker Mick Mick       v0.1
10 Semantic Web Service Discovery Ioan Axel, Holger, Ioan, Livia, Ruben, Uwe       v0.2
13.0 Overview and Scope of WSMX Laurentiu Emilia, Michal, Tomas, Laurentiu
  2005-10-26 v0.2
13.2 WSMX Execution Semantics Maciej Maciej     2005-10-26 v0.3
13.3 WSMX Data Mediation Adrian Adrian, Emilia   Jos de Bruijn   v0.2
13.4 WSMX Architecture and System Design Matthew Matthew, Michal       v0.2
13.6 WSMX Use Cases Doug Doug
13.7 WSMX Process Mediation Emilia Adrian, Emilia       v0.1
13.8 Integration of WSMX with other SWS systems Matt Matt, Maciej       v0.1
13.9 Choreography Engine in WSMX Armin Armin, James, Thomas       v0.1
13.11 WSMX Tools Mick Mick       v0.1
13.12 WSMX Discovery Component Edward Edward     2005-10-26 v0.1
13.13 WSMX Orchestration Sami Sami       v0.1
13.14 WSMX Selection Mick Mick     2005-10-26 v0.1
13.15 WSMX Security TBD TBD       v0.1
13.16 WSMX Triple Space Storage Brahmananda Brahmananda, Reto     2005-10-26 v0.1
13.17 WSMX Communication Manager Matthew Matthew       v0.1
13.18 WSMX Adapter Framework Laurentiu Laurentiu, Brahmananda       v0.1
13.19   Michal Michal       v0.1
21 WSMX-TSC Brahmananda, Francisco Brahmananda, Edward, Francisco, Ioan, Reto       v0.1


Active or Behind Schedule










The work is funded by the European Commission under the projects DIP, Knowledge Web, Ontoweb, SEKT, SWWS, Esperonto, COG and h-TechSight; by Science Foundation Ireland under the DERI-Lion project; and by the Vienna city government under the CoOperate programme.

The editors would like to thank to all the members of the WSMO working group for their advises and inputs to this document.

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