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D6.1v0.1. WSMO Activity Sheet

WSMO Working Draft 14 January 2008

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Dumitru Roman
Ioan Toma

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WSMO Activity Sheet

Nr. Name Editors Co-authors Deadline Version
1.1 WSMO Website Titi
2 Web Service Modeling Ontology Titi, Holger
3.1 WSMO Primer Cristina v0.2
3.2 WSMO Use Cases Michael S. v0.3
3.3 WSMO Use Case "Virtual Travel Agency" Michael S., Holger, Axel, Ruben Uwe, Michael Z., Dieter, Michael K., Armin v0.1
3.4 WSMO Use Case: Amazon E-commerce Service Titi, Jacek, James Dieter v0.2
3.5 SWF Use Case Michael v1.2
3.6 WSMO Use Case: "Stream Flows! System" James v0.1
6.1 WSMO Activity Sheet Titi, Ioan permanent
11 WSMO Lite Jacek, Tomas 01-02-2008 v0.3
14 Ontology-based Choreography James, Titi, Joerg Axel, Jos, Dieter v0.3
15 Orchestration in WSMO Thomas v0.2
15.1 Dataflow for Orchestration in WSMO Barry Thomas v0.1
17 Tutorial Michael Michal, Matt, Titi, John, Emilia, Adrian
permanent v0.2
24.1 Aligning WSMO and WSMX with existing Web Services specifications Jacek Titi v0.1
24.2 WSMO Grounding Jacek, Tomas v0.2
24.3 Aligning WSMO and WSMX with WS-Policy Jacek, Titi v0.1
28.4 Non-functional properties in Web services Ioan Douglas, Flavio, Andreea, Mateo 01-03-2007 v0.2
29 WSMO Mediators Adrian, Emilia, Michael, Francois, James v0.2
30 Aligning WSMO and WSDL-S Jacek v0.1
31 Aligning WSMO and WS-Resource Framework Jacek v0.1
35 Comparing Semantic Web Services Execution Environments Omair Emilia, Adrian, Matt, Michal, Barry v0.3

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The work is funded by the European Commission under the projects ASG, DIP, enIRaF, InfraWebs, Knowledge Web, Musing, Salero, SEKT, Seemp, SemanticGOV, Super, SWING and TripCom; by Science Foundation Ireland under the DERI-Lion Grant No.SFI/02/CE1/I13 ; by the FIT-IT (Forschung, Innovation, Technologie - Informationstechnologie) under the projects Grisino, RW˛, SemNetMan, SeNSE and TSC.

The editors would like to thank to all the members of the WSMO working group for their advice and input into this document.

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