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D16.3v1.0 WSML Abstract Syntax and Semantics

WSML Final Draft 2008-08-08

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Jos de Bruijn
Jos de Bruijn

Copyright © 2008 the authors.

This document is part of the specification of the Web Service Modeling Language (WSML), version 1.0.

The specification of WSML 1.0 consists of the following four documents.


This document presents the abstract syntax as well as the semantics of WSML. The abstract syntax closely follows the conceptual model of WSMO version 1.3, and only diverges where necessary. The document also features a mapping from the abstract to the surface syntax defined in deliverable 16.1, the WSML language reference.
The semantics of WSML ontologies is defined in terms of a model theory. The semantics of the combination of WSML ontologies with RDF graphs and OWL DL ontologies is obtained by combining the respective model theories. The notion of entailment for ontologies is used in the definition of nonfunctional property and choreography semantics.

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The editors would like to thank to all the members of the WSML working group for their advice and input to this document.

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