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D16.1v1.0 WSML Language Reference

WSML Final Draft 2008-08-08

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Nathalie Steinmetz
Ioan Toma
The WSML working group members

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Copyright © 2008 by the authors.

This document is part of the specification of the Web Service Modeling Language (WSML), version 1.0.

The specification of WSML 1.0 consists of the following four documents.


WSML is a language for modeling Web services, ontologies, and related aspects, and is based on the Web Service Modeling Ontology WSMO. The formal grounding of the language is based on a number of logical formalisms, namely, Description Logics, First-Order Logic and Logic Programming. Besides providing its own language for modeling ontologies, it allows the import and use of RDF Schema and OWL ontologies for Web service description.

This document provides a reference of the features of the WSML language. It is intended for users who want to model web services and ontologies using WSML, and implementers who want to build tools based on the WSML language.

Please note that the current version of the WSML specification (that is WSML v1.0) is not backward compatible to the previous version of WSML (that is WSML v0.21). For details please refer to the changelog.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2 WSML Syntax

3 WSML-Core


5 WSML-Flight

6 WSML-Rule

7 WSML-Full

Appendix A. Human-Readable Syntax

Appendix B. Built-ins in WSML

Appendix C. WSML Keywords

Appendix D. Changelog



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