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D16 The WSML Specification

WSML Working Draft 2008-08-08

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Jos de Bruijn

Copyright © 2008 the authors.

WSML 1.0 Specification

The specification of WSML 1.0 consists of the following four documents.


Earlier WSML Specification

WSML v0.21:

D16.1v0.21 The Web Service Modeling Language WSML. Last version at:

Deliverables related to the WSML Specification

The WSML deliverable D28.3 Proposes a semantic framework for WSML-Full:

D28.3: WSML Ontology Semantics. Latest version at:

The WSML deliverables D20.1 and D20.3 investigate OWL and propose a subset and an extension of OWL for more intuitive modeling and more scalable query answering on the Semantic Web:

D20.1: OWL-. Latest version at:

D20.3: OWL Flight. Latest version at:

An implementation for a subset of OWL is provided in D20.2:

D20.2: OWL Lite- Reasoning with Rules. Latest version at:

D5.1 and D5.2 provide a Web Service discovery mechanism and implementation. The implementation will depend on the WSML reasoner implementation and the discovery engines provides requirements on WSML:

D5.1: WSMO Discovery. Latest version at:

D5.2: WSMO Discovery Engine. Latest version at:

WSMO D2 provides the conceptual model underlying WSML:

D2: Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO). Latest version at:

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