D13.1v0.3 Web Service Modeling Execution Environment - Conceptual Model (WSMX_O)

DERI Final Draft 13 September 2005

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Emilia Cimpian
Emilia Cimpian

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1. Deliverable Document

1. Deliverable Document

The aim of this document is to identify and describe the concepts within a Web Service Modeling Execution Environment (WSMX).

Although initially designed as an add-on to the already existing conceptual model (as defined in the Web Service Modeling Ontology [Roman et al., 2005]), all the concepts identified are already included as WSMO elements [Roman et al., 2005]. As a consequence, the current WSMX conceptual model represents a subset of WSMO, and this deliverable is not longer needed. All the information about WSMX conceptual model can be found in WSMO documentation (www.wsmo.org)


[Roman et al., 2005] D. Roman, H. Lausen, U. Keller (eds.): Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO), version 1.2 available at http://www.wsmo.org/TR/d2/v1.2/


The work is funded by the European Commission under the projects DIP, Knowledge Web, Ontoweb, SEKT, SWWS, Esperonto and h-TechSight; by Science Foundation Ireland under the DERI-Lion project; and by the Vienna city government under the CoOperate programme.

The editors would like to thank to all the members of the WSMO working group for their advices and inputs to this document.

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