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D7.2v1. Mission Statement - WSML

WSML Working Draft 01 April 2004

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Dumitru Roman
Dieter Fensel
Dumitru Roman

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Table of contents

1. Mission Statement

The SDK WSML working group, part of the SDK WSMO working group aligns the research and development efforts in the areas of Semantic Web Services between the SEKT, DIP and Knowledge Web research projects.

Members of this working group include key participants with expertise in Semantic Web-related research areas.

It is the mission of the SDK WSML working group to, through alignment between key European research projects in the Semantic Web Service area, further the development of Semantic Web Services and works toward further standardization in the area of Semantic Web Service languages and to work toward a common architecture and platform for Semantic Web Services. Specifically, the working group aims developing a language called Web Service Modeling Language (WSML) that formalizes the Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO). Hereby, we have a twice fold mission:

The WSML working group is open for new members. People interested in joining our initiative should provide a CV and a rational (why they want to join) to Dumitru Roman.


The work is funded by the European Commission under the projects DIP, Knowledge Web, Ontoweb, SEKT, SWWS, Esperonto, and h-TechSight; by Science Foundation Ireland under the DERI-Lion project; and by the Vienna city government under the CoOperate program.

The editors would like to thank to all the members of the WSML working group for their advice and input into this document.