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D16 The WSML Specification

WSML Working Draft 29 October 2004

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Jos de Bruijn

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WSML Deliverable structure

The WSML deliverable structure has seen several changes over time. This document aims to clarify the current status of the WSML deliverables and contains pointers to all previous WSML deliverables. This document is further structured as follows. We first describe de current WSML document, namely the WSML language specification and the reasoner implementation. We then describe the previous WSML deliverables. Finally, we describe the related deliverables.

Current WSML Specification Deliverables

WSML consists of two major deliverables, namely the WSML language specification and the WSML reasoner implementation deliverables:

D16.1: The WSML Family of Representation Languages. Latest version at:

D16.2: WSML Reasoning Implementation. Latest version at:

Past WSML Specification Deliverables

The deliverable D16 has been renumbered to D16.1. The last version of D16 is:

D16: The WSML Family of Representation Languages. Last version at:

The other WSML specification deliverables have been superseded by D16.1. The last versions of the deliverables before integration in D16 are:

D16.0: Languages for WSMO. Last version at:

D16.1: BNF grammar for WSMO language. Last version at:

D16.2: F-logic/XML - An XML Syntax for F-logic. Last version at:

D16.3: WSML/XML - An XML Syntax for WSML. Last version at:

D16.4: WSMO F-Logic Syntax. Last version at:

D16.7: WSML-Core. Last version at:

Deliverables related to the WSML Specification

The WSML deliverables D20.1 and D20.3 investigate OWL and propose a subset and an extension of OWL for more intuitive modeling and more scalable query answering on the Semantic Web:

D20.1: OWL-. Latest version at:

D20.3: OWL Flight. Latest version at:

An implementation for a subset of OWL is provided in D20.2:

D20.2: OWL Lite- Reasoning with Rules. Latest version at:

D5.1 and D5.2 provide a Web Service discovery mechanism and implementation. The implementation will depend on the WSML reasoner implementation and the discovery engines provides requirements on WSML:

D5.1: WSMO Discovery. Latest version at:

D5.2: WSMO Discovery Engine. Latest version at:

WSMO D2 provides the conceptual model underlying WSML:

D2: Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO). Latest version at:


We would especially like to thank the reviewer of the deliverable, Ian Horrocks, for useful comments and discussions around this deliverable.

The work is funded by the European Commission under the projects DIP, Knowledge Web, SEKT, SWWS, Esperonto, and h-TechSight; by Science Foundation Ireland under the DERI-Lion project; and by the Vienna city government under the CoOperate program.

The editors would like to thank to all the members of the WSML working group for their advice and input into this document.

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